Today is the start of a new year, and a new month, some may say"Happy New Year" whilst others may say "Happy Hangover Day" I myself can say I'm  not the biggest fan of New year and in my older age I would prefer to start the New Year feeling as fresh as a daisy on a summers day. 

    However, one thing I do like about the New year is the fact that it's just that "NEW" a New beginning, a NEW start, and maybe the start of a NEW outlook. I'm sure we all like to make New years resolutions in the hope that this year we will keep them. But the fact of the matter is within the first two weeks we've most likely forgotten and we're slowly on the decline back into our old ways slowly losing that Newness we were so excited about at the start of the year.

    That's why this year I've decided to take on a different outlook in the hope I can keep the excitement of the New throughout the entire year, I mean who know's what will happen we can't predict the future but what we can do is set goals,and plans of things we want to achieve both personally and professionally.

    For me House of 925 is NEW and I mean brand New, this is totally New to me and something I’m very excited about but also slightly nervous about. But if we never followed are dreams we’d never achieve the things that we set out to achieve and as they say this is the start of 365 days of opportunities so why not choose to slay. 

    Over the next 30 days I’m going to set myself a challenge of breaking a habit in 30 days, once I’ve completed the 30 days, I’ll set myself a new challenge for the following month. You can choose anything you want to break maybe it's smoking, or maybe it spending more time in the day for yourself whatever you choose let us know tweeting us @house_of_925 and #30daychallenge925 

    Don’t loose that Newness feeling!

    Happy New Year from the House of 925 Team xoxo

    Posted by Kate Frances
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