Own It, Wear It, Boss It is what we live by here at House of 925 and we want to share our passion with you super savvy stylists! 

    www.houseof925.com was founded with a vision of bringing affordable and stylish fashion to the millennials of today, let's face it we're in an era of girl power! Times have changed from when our parents tried to drill school, college, education, working 9-5 or being a good housewife into our lives.  

    We're a generation of career-minded, money making, entrepreneurs don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being a good housewife or being happy with the 9-5 grind (I'm sure we all dream of the big wedding and the handsome husband) but for some of us the "norm" doesn't quite cut the mustard, we just want that little bit more and why shouldn't we! 

    That's why we created House of 925 to hopefully inspire, captivate and motivate you to achieve your goals. House of 925 is not just about fashion although we do LOVE fashion, but we also LOVE sharing tips and tricks to help you in both your personal life and business life. 

    We've all heard the sayings "dress to impress" Fake it till you make it" this is something we truly believe, that's why House of 925 want to help you with all your fashion needs from workwear to date wear, the better you feel the more confidence will ooze out of you, just like the ray of sunshine you are. 

    This is just the start for House of 925 and we have lots of things we want to share with you on our wonderful journey. Please feel free to sign up to our mailing list or just drop in on our blog to keep up to date with the fun and frolicks, tips and tricks we have to offer you super slaying queens. 

    Always remember ladies "Own it, Wear it, Boss it" 

    House Of 925 Team xoxo




    Posted by Kate Frances