• She's Back...

    A little short follow up from my previous blog…

    We’re half way through February, what the actual heck! Where is time going!?

    So in my previous blog post I wrote about how I wasn’t really feeling myself or feeling very motivated, and basically how I needed to get my mojo back… Well I’m pleased to say I’m feeling much better and I think my love for my lovely life is back.

    It’s safe to say January and even February can feel a little bleak, most of us are a little low on funds from the Christmas season. I personally was also going through some relationship issues, I felt I was at a point in my life where I didn’t really know what direction I was going in, and everything just seemed well a little blah!

    I had a good few weeks of being an emotional mess, not only due to my relationship falling apart, but I just couldn’t seem to shift my mind from thinking negatively and I’ve never felt like this, to the point where I never understood when people told me they felt down, I would try help as best I could but I also thought well why don’t you just snap out of it, now I’ve realised it’s actually harder said than done.

    So what has made me feel better about life, firstly every night I have been listening to guided meditations, which have made me feel super relaxed and given me a fab nights sleep, Every morning I’ve been listening to positive affirmations , or motivational talks. Some people may think this is a load of rubbish, but for me I feel it has helped me start my day in a more positive way.

    I joined some great groups on Facebook, both professional groups and also more spiritual groups and just reading or listening to like minded people really helps and makes you understand that in life everyone has blips, but most problems can be easily solved and solutions found. I think getting advice of guidance from people out of your friendship or family group is so helpful to give you a new insight on your outlook.

    Without wanting to sound too mushy, but just being thankful and grateful for all that we have is massive, when I think about my life it’s bloody brilliant. I almost feel guilty for feeling down about it. I have friends, family, health, my own business which I know I can make great, I should be and am thankful for all that I have - so thank you universe for delivering all that I’ve asked for so far.

    I’ve got so many ideas for House of 925, and it’s time to put these ideas into action and build my empire to all that I want it to be and more.  It’s safe to say I’m back and ready to grow my business and lets be honest grow that bank account.

    If you would to know the guided meditations, affirmations or groups I've joined on facebook please drop me a DM or email at sales@houseof925.com and I'd be happy to share. :) 

    Kate @Houseof925 xoxo





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  • In need of some New Year Motivation…



    In need of some New Year Motivation…?

    So 2019 is here and have I set myself any New Year’s resolutions NO, have I been pro-active at all at the start of a New Year, NO, have I lost my motivation - Maybe.

    As I scroll through Instagram and Facebook, I’ve seen so many “New Year, New Me” I’ve seen people creating goals and plans for 2019 and to be honest that use to be me, I use to get excited about the start of a new year and all the newness it brought, however this year I seem to have lost my Mojo.

    Maybe it’s because I work alone and don’t have anyone to share my ideas and plans with, I have lots of ideas boggling around in my head about what I want to do, I just don’t seem to have the ability to put those thoughts and plans to paper or to action for that matter.

    As a business owner in the retail industry, we all know the cycle of Christmas and the highs it brings with the cash flow, flowing and the sound of the till ringing on a regular basis. Then January hits, we all know January brings in a quitter month, and this is when I really need to be on my “A”game and pushing my business to be the best that it can be. So why am I just sat here scrolling through Facebook and playing Angry Birds! (Maybe I’m turning into an Angry Bird literally!)

    I seem to be stuck in the rut of just plodding along and not pushing for more, which has never been my attitude I’ve always wanted more and to be successful and yet I find myself being complacent and that is just not me.

    I need to start holding myself accountable for the things I say, I’m going to do and then don’t, working on your own has its benefits but its also difficult to stay motivated and pro-active.

    So I guess I’m writing this post to put my thoughts to paper in hope that writing it down may move the process along in the right direction, and I guess even writing this blog is being kind of pro-active.

    Maybe I need to get a business coach, watch some Tony Robbins or just change my mindset to be happier, with a better attitude towards what I want to achieve. In reality I know that is the answer, fix my negative attitude and just crack on with the tasks at hand.

    So what’s causing my negative outlook and how do I make it better

    1.Not celebrating every small victory instead of seeing it as insignificant and setting myself a bigger goal whilst not appreciating the goal I’ve just achieved 

    2. Not looking at what I have achieved so far, always wanting more. I need to be thankful and proud of how far I have come

    3. Not taking enough time out to spend with friends and loved ones, not having the right work and life balance

    4. Worrying about the future instead of trusting the universe will work its magic which it always seems to do

    5. Just get on with it, stop putting things of till last minute get pro-active and it will all start falling back into place.

    6. Enjoy the journey of running a business and stop letting little blips in life set me back

    KATE YOU’VE GOT THIS! - Let’s get to work on making 2019 positive - motivational - and most of all a happy year.

    P;S; I’m still going to be watching Tony Robbins, whilst sleeping with a crystal under my pillow in the hope that positive energies will flow into my universe. ;)

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    I’ve set myself a tasks and added to my to do list to try and write a new blog piece every week eeeeek!

    Trying to get my creative cap on and come up with new content and ideas that people might be interested in is proving rather difficult. However I know this is something I need to do and I’m going to try my hardest to deliver and hold myself accountable for the task I have set myself.

    Having googled the top 10 best content ideas for blogs I wasn’t inspired to put pen to paper and start writing. Then I started to think what would I like to read and what would interest me? I was in two minds to write about fashion/business or just general chit chat about life. Let me be honest I love fashion, I own a ladies fashion boutique but I wouldn’t say I’m a total fashion guru in fact half of the time I look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards, I’m always drawn to the colour black and I don’t plan my outfits I just find whatever is clean and hanging in my wardrobe.


    What I’m trying to say is although I love fashion, I wouldn’t be passionate about writing about what the celebs are wearing or researching the runway fashions, its great to get inspiration from said areas but in reality we can’t all afford the Dior trench coat spotted on Kate Moss. My passion is finding and sourcing clothes that I love, my customers love and what doesn’t cost the earth, my passion is also watching something grow and flourish and learning how to make that happen.


    So answer to my question is let me write about my business, my passion and what I’m learning along the way, and trust me I could write a lot of blog posts about that…


    So let me start with the business side and my downfall which I still struggle with and thats the ability to say NO I really struggle to say NO if people ask me to do something even if I don’t particularly want to do it I find the words “yes course I can” “Yes I’ll help you with that” Yes put me down for that” rolling out of my mouth and on the inside I’m thinking why the heck did I say yes…

    This is something I’ve learnt that in business you have to say NO especially when it involves money, when I first opened House of 925, many businesses contacted me trying to sell me advertising space, companies were ringing me trying to offer social media services, card reader companies were trying to sign me up to there card payment service, the list went on and some of these guys gave amazing sales pitches which I fell for hook line and sinker and I spent a lot of money on things such as advertising space which gave me very little or no return on my purchase.

    Obviously as a new business you need to try things its all trial and error maybe things such as advertising space would work wonders for your business, but I’ve learnt its so important not to get swept up in a sales pitch, do the research and if it doesn’t work for you then say NO.

    Looking back on the past year I’ve spent money on areas of advertising that I wish I hadn’t however it’s definitely a lesson learnt and now I have a vague idea what works for me I often wish I’d of put all that money into a more returnable advertising process.

    Going forward I’m going to learn to say NO which I’m getting slightly better with and I’m also going to keep researching what advertising works well for my business, if I want House of 925 to grow then its all about getting House of 925 in front of the right people and thats exactly what I’m going to try and do…I’ll do a blog on my advertising journey and let you know how I’m getting on.



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    Well we have officially survived our first year…


    House of 925 turned one on August the 1st 2018 after a busy couple of weeks I can now take time to reflect on our first year of business, the up’s the downs and the craziness of starting a business and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. 

    House of 925, originated firstly in my head, when I use to spend my days sat on the M62 heading to my previous job, as much as I liked my job, and loved the people I worked with, I had a niggle inside me, that told me I was meant to be doing something I truly loved, Days and weeks past the same commute, the same amount of traffic and the same niggle pecked away at me. 

    When I heard The Piece Hall, was renovating the building I thought this is it, this is my calling I literally lived 10 minutes away, the location was perfect, and I just knew this was meant to be. I arranged a viewing of a couple of units and I immediately fell in love with Number 12. A small little white box, with its old Georgian style windows, and glossy wooden floorboards, Number 12 was going to become House of 925 and that it did. 

    The papers were signed, the keys were handed over and we got to work in turning Number 12 into the start of my new adventure. Don’t get me wrong I was terrified about leaving my job where I had spent to last 10 years, with a regular income and a place where I felt comfortable. I was now venturing into the unknown I didn’t even know if I’d make any money, if people would like my style of clothing I had months and months of sleepless nights. but I knew deep down it couldn’t and wouldn’t fail. 

    After weeks of work and tweaking my little unit, open day arrived, nervous was an understatement, luckily I had a couple of bottles or should I say glasses of fizz and after a few we opened the doors, and I was good to go. 

    The open day was a great success The Piece Hall had over 22,000 visitors through the gates, the day couldn’t of gone better. The following months were just as great, The Piece Hall hosted some amazing events including, Tour de Yorkshire, Antiques Roadshow, Chow Down food festival, The big sing and that's just to name a few. 

    House of 925, took part in the Forget me not children's hospice fashion show, we featured in the local Halifax Courier, we were interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds, we’ve attended several christmas fares and ladies nights and the most exciting part for me is, we’ve built up a regular customer base with returning customers so I’m hoping we’re doing something right. We’ve made new friends, met some great people and learned a lot along the way. 

    House of 925, has achieved a lot in it’s first year but I know we still have a long way to go, this year was all about finding our feet, learning as we go and slowly learning how to grow the business. We have lots planned for the future, but we know if we’re persistent, consistent, work hard and enjoy the moments everything else will fall into place and we’re excited for what's to come. 

    Most of all a massive, huge thank you to all our lovely customers, who have walked through the door, looked at us online or even just given us a thumbs up on Facebook, we really do appreciate it and we wouldn’t be here without you. Here is to many more years to come…Thank you  xoxo 

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    So a little later than planned but let's do a quick rundown of the LOVE ISLAND boys…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

    Let’s start with the boy that everyone is talking about… DR DO MORE ALEX

    If Alex doesn't meet a lady in Love Island, then I have no doubt when he leaves the villa he will be snapped up! A good-looking doctor who is actually adorable, forget the bad boy's girls its time to meet Mr. Nice. I personally really like Alex, I think a little more confidence and encouragement from the other boys, he will be just fine and hopefully lucky in love. 


    Wes, Wes, Wes, originally I really liked Wes and thought he seemed a genuinely nice guy, however after last nights episode (with the new arrival Ellie) my opinions shifted. The fact that he has cast Laura aside and the fact that he would 100% give things a go with Ellie just made my blood boil. I really hope Ellie doesn't choose Wes for the re-coupling and I hope Laura comes to her senses and re-couples with someone else. 


    I’m 50/50 on Mr Spiritual I don’t think there is a real connection between himself and Meghan and I think he’s just a free spirit who doesn’t really know what he wants. 


    I love Jack and his teeth are just amazing, Jack seems like a right sort, down to earth and someone who appears to just be enjoying his time in the villa. I hope his like for Danni is genuine and I’m absolutely loving the bromance with Alex - Super sweet. 


    No real opinion on Josh, so far he seems he hasn’t had that much airtime, I think he will come out of his shell as the show progresses. 


    Well, well well I think the whole nation has an opinion on Adam, I think Adam sums up the majority of good looking 20+ males in the UK today. I don’t even know where to start with Adam, he’s clearly very good looking and knows it, which I find a little off-putting and he's just so flippant, he’s just a boy looking to play the field and I’m sure he will grow out of that at some point in his life…I hope. 

    I’m excited to see what unravels throughout the rest of the show…

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