So much is happening at The Piece Hall, Halifax and we are just too excited!

We’re so grateful to have our little boutique in such an amazing location, with lots happening, throughout Spring and Summer, we thought we’d put together a little blog about 3 BIG upcoming events, with the important dates to save for the diary.

Kicking us off this April; - April 19th - 20th - ZARA

ZARA, A giant outdoor theatre event for the whole family - Friday 19th April & Saturday 20th April

Tickets £8:00 / £28:00 for 4 people / £12 Balcony.

So I’ve heard a lot about this, and I’m mega excited to watch this production which has been produced by Mind the Gap and Walk the Plank. With a cast of over 100, cherry pickers, tanks, 3D projections and a moving baby bigger than a double decker bus, Zara will be a one off, unique experience for all.

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m sure it will be great, so remember to grab a ticket before they go. Check out the link below to see the Mechanical moving baby being made. (believe me this is one big baby!)


It’s back… If you didn’t manage to make it to The Piece Hall for last years Tour de Yorkshire, you should definitely try and make it this year. It’s a FREE event, and the atmosphere is electric.

The Piece Hall courtyard becomes a hive of activity and excitement as we welcome the cyclists,before they head off through the gorgeous valleys of Yorkshire.

It’s a great family event, you can spend the morning supporting the participants, having an ice-cream from the onsite Ice cream parlour, or perhaps a Gin from the lovely Gin lane, whilst also having a browse around all the beautiful independent shops. It’s a great day out and one that should not be missed!



May 24th - 26th May - CHOW DOWN

My personal fave, we were lucky enough to welcome Chow down last summer, over the course of 3 weekends, the sun was shining, the street food was sizzling, the cocktails flowing and the DJ’s blasting it was an absolutely fabulous event and IT’S BACK THIS MAY - YEY!

Chow down, will be gracing The Piece Hall again kicking off May 24th - 26th, another FREE event, Chow down is a food festival like no other, it’s party style atmosphere, gives it a real buzz. A range of street food is available from Greek, Italian, Vegan you name it, it has it all.

Live Dj’s will be performing throughout the day into the evening, with a large onsite bar, cocktails galore with pressecco that's ready to pop! If you love food, love music and love a great atmosphere this is the one for you. All the lovely shops will be open so it’s also a great opportunity to have a mooch around the glorious Piece Hall.

 Lots more events will be popping up throughout the summer including a huge music weekend, which we will be posting about in next weeks blog.

If you require anymore, information about the above events, check out The Piece’s Hall’s Facebook page, or drop in to the Welcome centre and they will be happy to provide you with more details.

Hope to see you all soon,

Kate@houseof925 xoxo

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