Did you know if every adult in Halifax, spent just £5:00 per week in their local independent shops and businesses, instead of online or at the large supermarkets it would mean an extra £4.1 MILLION per year going into the LOCAL ECONOMY.Which means MORE JOBS , a BETTER HIGH STREET a STRONGER ECONOMY and a nicer place to live.

Until having my own business I never truly appreciated how hard small businesses work, and what a difference it makes, spending your money within a small independent business, but believe me every penny spent makes a huge difference.

I myself have been more conscious in making those small choices of where to get my morning coffee, I could easily go to the big coffee shops or I could go to the family run cafe to where my pennies will be going towards helping a family and hopefully helping a business grow and flourish.

We’ve probably all seen the quote

When you buy from a small independent business an actual person does a happy dance”

This is TRUE we’re so grateful for all our amazing customers as we wouldn’t be able to build our dream without you, weather you just buy a coffee, a card, or gift it all makes a massive difference to the survival of a shop.

That's why on 8th June - 15th June we will be working alongside many other fabulous retailers in Halifax and beyond and joining in with the “Totally Locally Fiver Fest campaign”. Thats right if you haven’t guessed it we will have some amazing items available In-store for as little as £5:00. Such a a fab idea and we’re excited to see as many people supporting this as possible.

Get ya fivers out!