So a little later than planned but let's do a quick rundown of the LOVE ISLAND boys…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

Let’s start with the boy that everyone is talking about… DR DO MORE ALEX

If Alex doesn't meet a lady in Love Island, then I have no doubt when he leaves the villa he will be snapped up! A good-looking doctor who is actually adorable, forget the bad boy's girls its time to meet Mr. Nice. I personally really like Alex, I think a little more confidence and encouragement from the other boys, he will be just fine and hopefully lucky in love. 


Wes, Wes, Wes, originally I really liked Wes and thought he seemed a genuinely nice guy, however after last nights episode (with the new arrival Ellie) my opinions shifted. The fact that he has cast Laura aside and the fact that he would 100% give things a go with Ellie just made my blood boil. I really hope Ellie doesn't choose Wes for the re-coupling and I hope Laura comes to her senses and re-couples with someone else. 


I’m 50/50 on Mr Spiritual I don’t think there is a real connection between himself and Meghan and I think he’s just a free spirit who doesn’t really know what he wants. 


I love Jack and his teeth are just amazing, Jack seems like a right sort, down to earth and someone who appears to just be enjoying his time in the villa. I hope his like for Danni is genuine and I’m absolutely loving the bromance with Alex - Super sweet. 


No real opinion on Josh, so far he seems he hasn’t had that much airtime, I think he will come out of his shell as the show progresses. 


Well, well well I think the whole nation has an opinion on Adam, I think Adam sums up the majority of good looking 20+ males in the UK today. I don’t even know where to start with Adam, he’s clearly very good looking and knows it, which I find a little off-putting and he's just so flippant, he’s just a boy looking to play the field and I’m sure he will grow out of that at some point in his life…I hope. 

I’m excited to see what unravels throughout the rest of the show…

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