In need of some New Year Motivation…?

So 2019 is here and have I set myself any New Year’s resolutions NO, have I been pro-active at all at the start of a New Year, NO, have I lost my motivation - Maybe.

As I scroll through Instagram and Facebook, I’ve seen so many “New Year, New Me” I’ve seen people creating goals and plans for 2019 and to be honest that use to be me, I use to get excited about the start of a new year and all the newness it brought, however this year I seem to have lost my Mojo.

Maybe it’s because I work alone and don’t have anyone to share my ideas and plans with, I have lots of ideas boggling around in my head about what I want to do, I just don’t seem to have the ability to put those thoughts and plans to paper or to action for that matter.

As a business owner in the retail industry, we all know the cycle of Christmas and the highs it brings with the cash flow, flowing and the sound of the till ringing on a regular basis. Then January hits, we all know January brings in a quitter month, and this is when I really need to be on my “A”game and pushing my business to be the best that it can be. So why am I just sat here scrolling through Facebook and playing Angry Birds! (Maybe I’m turning into an Angry Bird literally!)

I seem to be stuck in the rut of just plodding along and not pushing for more, which has never been my attitude I’ve always wanted more and to be successful and yet I find myself being complacent and that is just not me.

I need to start holding myself accountable for the things I say, I’m going to do and then don’t, working on your own has its benefits but its also difficult to stay motivated and pro-active.

So I guess I’m writing this post to put my thoughts to paper in hope that writing it down may move the process along in the right direction, and I guess even writing this blog is being kind of pro-active.

Maybe I need to get a business coach, watch some Tony Robbins or just change my mindset to be happier, with a better attitude towards what I want to achieve. In reality I know that is the answer, fix my negative attitude and just crack on with the tasks at hand.

So what’s causing my negative outlook and how do I make it better

1.Not celebrating every small victory instead of seeing it as insignificant and setting myself a bigger goal whilst not appreciating the goal I’ve just achieved 

2. Not looking at what I have achieved so far, always wanting more. I need to be thankful and proud of how far I have come

3. Not taking enough time out to spend with friends and loved ones, not having the right work and life balance

4. Worrying about the future instead of trusting the universe will work its magic which it always seems to do

5. Just get on with it, stop putting things of till last minute get pro-active and it will all start falling back into place.

6. Enjoy the journey of running a business and stop letting little blips in life set me back

KATE YOU’VE GOT THIS! - Let’s get to work on making 2019 positive - motivational - and most of all a happy year.

P;S; I’m still going to be watching Tony Robbins, whilst sleeping with a crystal under my pillow in the hope that positive energies will flow into my universe. ;)

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