So last year I never truly got into the spirit of Love Island I dipped in and out and never committed my evenings to watching the love triangles and dramas that unfolded. However this year after seeing all the Love island hype I decided to jump on the band wagon and commit fully to watching love unravel… It’s safe to say I’m hooked!!


First impressions were wow I really need to start running again and start sticking to a strict fake tan schedule - These girls are hot as for their bodies well thats just another story. Then the guys entered and to be honest obviously I wouldn’t say no, but they don’t make me weak at the knees.

Here’s a run down of my thoughts on the ladies so far…


I’ve seen a lot of things on social media about Laura, people asking her to be evicted from the show, something to do with her age, I’ve not looked too much into this because I think people need to give the girl a chance. My first impressions were not amazing, I do think she could be a game player the fact that she stepped forward after selecting Wes, when Adam entered the villa I thought was a little shady. But as I said earlier I think we need to give her some time to see her true colours.


I like Kendal, I think she’s been put in a sticky situation, but thats the name of the game. I think she should stick with Niall at the moment, as Adam seems to be be a little too good looking and again maybe a game player, there’s something about him I’m just not liking.


Hayley comes across a little young and Niave it be interesting to see how far she goes in the show. I don’t think Hayley has a game plan I feel she is just going with the flow and seeing what happens, Hayley looks the type to be there for a good time maybe not a long time…Who knows!


My favourite so far Dani seems like a real genuine girl, and someone I would be friends with. I really hope Danni does well and so far is my favourite to win - (even though its only been two days and plus I’m loving all the Danny Dyer memes…Keep those coming!)


I’m 50/50 about Samira obviously Samira didn’t get her choice of the boys and got teamed with Dr Alex who by the way I think seems lovely. Samira clearly has not interest in Alex doesn’t fancy him and by the looks of it doesn't want to spend much time with him. This puts me slightly off Samira, Alex seems to be having a bit of a hard time in the Villa an act of kindness is all it takes to probably put him at ease.

So two days in I’m hooked and I will be reviewing the boys tomorrow after tonight’s episode…I can’t wait.

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