Well we have officially survived our first year…


    House of 925 turned one on August the 1st 2018 after a busy couple of weeks I can now take time to reflect on our first year of business, the up’s the downs and the craziness of starting a business and I wouldn’t change a minute of it. 

    House of 925, originated firstly in my head, when I use to spend my days sat on the M62 heading to my previous job, as much as I liked my job, and loved the people I worked with, I had a niggle inside me, that told me I was meant to be doing something I truly loved, Days and weeks past the same commute, the same amount of traffic and the same niggle pecked away at me. 

    When I heard The Piece Hall, was renovating the building I thought this is it, this is my calling I literally lived 10 minutes away, the location was perfect, and I just knew this was meant to be. I arranged a viewing of a couple of units and I immediately fell in love with Number 12. A small little white box, with its old Georgian style windows, and glossy wooden floorboards, Number 12 was going to become House of 925 and that it did. 

    The papers were signed, the keys were handed over and we got to work in turning Number 12 into the start of my new adventure. Don’t get me wrong I was terrified about leaving my job where I had spent to last 10 years, with a regular income and a place where I felt comfortable. I was now venturing into the unknown I didn’t even know if I’d make any money, if people would like my style of clothing I had months and months of sleepless nights. but I knew deep down it couldn’t and wouldn’t fail. 

    After weeks of work and tweaking my little unit, open day arrived, nervous was an understatement, luckily I had a couple of bottles or should I say glasses of fizz and after a few we opened the doors, and I was good to go. 

    The open day was a great success The Piece Hall had over 22,000 visitors through the gates, the day couldn’t of gone better. The following months were just as great, The Piece Hall hosted some amazing events including, Tour de Yorkshire, Antiques Roadshow, Chow Down food festival, The big sing and that's just to name a few. 

    House of 925, took part in the Forget me not children's hospice fashion show, we featured in the local Halifax Courier, we were interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds, we’ve attended several christmas fares and ladies nights and the most exciting part for me is, we’ve built up a regular customer base with returning customers so I’m hoping we’re doing something right. We’ve made new friends, met some great people and learned a lot along the way. 

    House of 925, has achieved a lot in it’s first year but I know we still have a long way to go, this year was all about finding our feet, learning as we go and slowly learning how to grow the business. We have lots planned for the future, but we know if we’re persistent, consistent, work hard and enjoy the moments everything else will fall into place and we’re excited for what's to come. 

    Most of all a massive, huge thank you to all our lovely customers, who have walked through the door, looked at us online or even just given us a thumbs up on Facebook, we really do appreciate it and we wouldn’t be here without you. Here is to many more years to come…Thank you  xoxo 

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    So a little later than planned but let's do a quick rundown of the LOVE ISLAND boys…DRUM ROLL PLEASE…

    Let’s start with the boy that everyone is talking about… DR DO MORE ALEX

    If Alex doesn't meet a lady in Love Island, then I have no doubt when he leaves the villa he will be snapped up! A good-looking doctor who is actually adorable, forget the bad boy's girls its time to meet Mr. Nice. I personally really like Alex, I think a little more confidence and encouragement from the other boys, he will be just fine and hopefully lucky in love. 


    Wes, Wes, Wes, originally I really liked Wes and thought he seemed a genuinely nice guy, however after last nights episode (with the new arrival Ellie) my opinions shifted. The fact that he has cast Laura aside and the fact that he would 100% give things a go with Ellie just made my blood boil. I really hope Ellie doesn't choose Wes for the re-coupling and I hope Laura comes to her senses and re-couples with someone else. 


    I’m 50/50 on Mr Spiritual I don’t think there is a real connection between himself and Meghan and I think he’s just a free spirit who doesn’t really know what he wants. 


    I love Jack and his teeth are just amazing, Jack seems like a right sort, down to earth and someone who appears to just be enjoying his time in the villa. I hope his like for Danni is genuine and I’m absolutely loving the bromance with Alex - Super sweet. 


    No real opinion on Josh, so far he seems he hasn’t had that much airtime, I think he will come out of his shell as the show progresses. 


    Well, well well I think the whole nation has an opinion on Adam, I think Adam sums up the majority of good looking 20+ males in the UK today. I don’t even know where to start with Adam, he’s clearly very good looking and knows it, which I find a little off-putting and he's just so flippant, he’s just a boy looking to play the field and I’m sure he will grow out of that at some point in his life…I hope. 

    I’m excited to see what unravels throughout the rest of the show…

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    Who else is obsessed with Love Island...I am and it's only day two!
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    Driving to work its raining, its grey, and overall a pretty miserable day, to think we’re in Spring it feels more like winter. It got me thinking it really is quite difficult to decide what to wear! Do you opt for a bold spring colour, maybe a boho beauty top, teamed with your fave denim jacket. Or do you wrap up warm in your favourite winter warmers? With the weather so unpredictable its hard to decide!


    Arriving at House of 925, coffee in hand, I’ve decided to put together my winterish / springishhh ideas, which will hopefully work for all seasons :) yey!


    The Cowl Neck Jumper Dress

    Cowl neck jumper dresses are great especially in a spring colour such as Pink, Light Grey, or Blue. The spring colours brighten up the look but it also has the ability to keep you snug. On a warmer day, you could even opt to wear it as a dress, with some killer ankle boots - Great for all weathers and occasions. 


    The Faithful Denim Shirt 

    The denim shirt is essential for any wardrobe. The classic piece which in all honesty looks great in all seasons. Denim shirts look good worn as a shirt or for a more casual look wear it open over another top (very arty) Lots of denim shirts are doing the rounds at the moment, I particular like the pearl embellished shirts for that extra impact. 


    The Oversized Jumper 

    Another favourite of mine an oversized jumper can be worn casually with a pair of skinny jeans/leggings or again for the warmer days wear it as a dress with those ankle boots. Keep the colours bright or natural and try to stay away from black which I know can be a tricky one! 

    Floral Print dress

    The floral print dress looks great worn as a dress or with tights, especially for those cooler days, an oversized cardigan can look great with this and add some extra warmth. 

    You can shop all these styles via our website www.houseof925.com
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    Spring has sprung and this slight sighting of sunshine has me itching to get away, Holiday season is fast approaching, but if you can’t wait that long check out my 5 best city breaks. 

    Why not treat yourself to a mini break, and get in the mood for summer 18. 


    New York literally stole my heart, I was lucky enough to spend a little over a year living and working in New York and without wanting to sound cliché it was quite possible the best experience of my life. New York is hustle, bustle and rooftops, what more could you want from a city break. 

    There’s so much to see and do in New York I could write a book, but a few of my fave places would have to be; 

    The Highline

    The highland is a disused rail track which has been made into a beautiful walk way elevated above the streets of Manhattan. Its a great place to grab a coffee, have a walk and take in some of the city sights. It’s also based in the Meatpacking district which has some amazing bars & restaurants - defiantly a must when in NY. 

    The Jane 

    Think Gatsby The Jane by day is hotel and by night its dancing on the tables in front of a roaring fire,under a rather large glitter ball. I had many a night at The Jane and would recommend this place to anyone and everyone. 

    Canal Street 

    Obviously NYC is known for being an amazing place to shop, unfortunately 5th avenue as nice as it is, was slightly out of my price range. Canal street is a great place to shop, great fashion and affordable prices - worth a visit. 

    Writing about New York brings back the best memories, its a great city and everybody should visit at least once in their lifetime - well in my opinion anyway ;) 


    My second favourite city and a little closer to home. Barcelona it is a beautiful city with its winding streets and beautiful architecture, it really is very pretty. A total different vibe to NY with a more laid-back feel, sipping a cocktail on the marina and having a walk on the beach. Again lots to see and do in Barcelona, here are my top three. 

    La Merce Festival 

    This was quite a strange experience but a good one. This takes place at the end of September the festival held in Barcelona “La Merce Festival” which is a parade through the streets, its also know as the “Fire run” and you may feel the urge to run. The fire run consists of what I can only describe as Kathryn wheel fireworks being consistently lassoed in the air whilst the sparks fly out in to the crowd. Health and safety is out of the window. This is a great event and lots of fun 

    Park Quell

    A lovely park which has great architecture and a fabulous view over Barcelona, on a sunny day this is the place to be, very relaxing and lots to see. 

    The Marina 

    I always like to take a walk on the marina and wonder who owns all the amazing Yachts, and Barcelona has a lovely marina area grab some food and a glass of wine and retire to your yacht on an evening or maybe just head back to your Airbnb - we can all dream. 



    Paris the city of LOVE I went to Paris for my 30th and loved it! 

    Another pretty city, with lots to do and see, and super easy to get to on the Eurostar which can be cheap and cheerful. 

    If like me you like to take in the scenery of cities then I would recommend taking a boat trip down the river Seine, you can even book a meal whilst you cruise along, taking in all the lovely sights, such as the Eiffel Tower and The Louvre to name a few.  (probably a good idea to try bag a window seat) 

    Eiffel Tower

    The famous Eiffel Tower is something most people have done or would like to do, the views from the top are pretty spectacular, probably a must when in Paris. 

    Open Top Bus

    This is a great way to see all the sites a hop on bus is great to do on any city break, you get to see all the sights and it save’s those little legs. 



    Amsterdam is a great weekend trip especially if you take the overnight ferry (probably the best disco in town) lots of fun with a good group of friends. Although the trip itself in Amsterdam is rather short I’d advise to stay over the night and head back the following day. 

    Lots to see and do in Amsterdam, including some fab bars, restaurants, and boat trips 


    Berlin very industrial and not the prettiest of cities I’ve been to, however I visited Berlin at Christmas and the Christmas markets were great. Plenty of winter clothing would be needed if you head out in December as it was bitterly cold. (We have some lovely Parka coats over at House of 925 which would be perfect for Berlin winter weather ;) 

    Lots of museums to visit, I’d recommend a visit to the Holocaust memorial ( memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe) this memorial is a maze of concrete blocks varying in different sizes. Located near the Brandenburg Gate which is also rather impressive. 

    When in Berlin the Berlin wall is a must see or should I say the remainder of the wall.

    It’s a great little city especially if you’re into your history. 

    Here at House of 925, we’re all about the travel and we hope if you book a city break this year you have the best time and remember to check out our website for your city break outfits. www.houseof925.com

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