www.houseof925.com has found a new home at The Piece Hall, Halifax having had great success online we decided to venture into our very first store so that all you lovely folk can actually come and see our fabulous fashion faves in person. :) 

We’ve now been up and running for a full month and what a month it's been, we’ve had so many fabulous customers through the door, we wanted to thank you for all your support thus far. We have lots of things in the pipeline for the coming months and dare we say the run up to Christmas, including fashion shows, competitions, and of course lots of new amazing clothes, shoes, and accessories in time for the party season. Very exciting! 

So has are the first month in business been what we expected?…YES YES AND YES! 

Deciding to take www.houseof925.com to the next level was a daunting and exciting thought process that did lead to a few sleepless nights, but here are a few facts that helped me make my decision…


Location, location, location is everything - its most likely common sense to pick the right location for your business, and luckily for me, I couldn’t have picked a better spot than the glorious Piece Hall. I some times feel I have a fashion boutique in Italy with its fabulous architecture and its cosmopolitan vibe it's easy to forget I’m actually in Halifax. 

This location was perfect for me it was close to my home, so a super quick commute, it's recently been re-developed and between me and you it felt right and for me that is the most important fact. 

2. Follow your passion

This is sometimes easier said than done, I’ve always had a passion for business, before I took the leap of faith I spent 11 years working in advertising and recruitment ( a little different from the retail and fashion industry) I spent a year working in New York and on my return I decided I needed to do what really made me happy, not that I wasn’t happy in my recruitment work, but it wasn’t how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, however, the skills I learnt and money I earned meant I was able to follow my dreams - and that I did I created www.houseof925.com and a year later Woll-Aaah we have the shop, hopefully, that will soon be plural and I will be reporting on all of my shops - Dream Big!

3. Website or store first? 

This question I’ve been asked several times and there is no right or wrong answer to this one, I created the website first as it's less of a risk than having overheads and being tied to an actual location, but since opening House of 925 I’ve seen www.houseof925.com grow massively as it's easy to promote the website to existing customers whilst they are in-store and for me it was the step I wanted to take to grow House of 925 

4. Follow your gut instinct.

I’m a massive believer in if something feels right it usually is, I’ve been really realistic in terms of what I expect and growing a business will not happen over night, in fact, the hard work is just beginning, working 7 days a week to build a business has now become life, but if you stick to your plans and goals and don’t listen to people’s negativity (believe me some people are negative about people wanting to achieve their own success - I know crazy!) I believe everything will work out just fine :) 

Remember to check us out online at www.houseof925.com or pop into our lovely store at The Piece Hall, Halifax and as always give us a follow on social media.

Facebook - @houseof925

Instagram - house_of_925

Twitter - house_of_925 

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